Success comes from what you chose to do each day.


My name is Michael Jordan, and I’m THE MA$$AGE MILLIONAIRE.

I serve business owners and their staff, independent technicians and therapists of the spa industry who are ready to take calculated risks that will accelerate their business to the next level. Throughout my fifteen years in the spa industry as a business owner, licensed massage therapist, esthetician, advanced spa educator, and with a background in advertising, I’ve found that most spa owners and therapists are passionate about their craft and bring so much heart and talent to the spa industry, but struggle with how to grow and expand their business and profits. I create strategic marketing plans, courses, coaching sessions and resources to help them market themselves, create unique spa treatments and optimize the workspace to maximize profits.

As a National Certified Educator, I’ve been honored to help in-field technicians develop their skills as therapists and grow as employees, igniting the “spark” that create change, excitement and motivation. With high energy, charismatic classes, I teach out-of-the-box thinking, customized and creative solutions to challenges therapists face both in the treatment room and on the retail floor. I help therapists develop strategies to hit retail goals, grow their clientele base and increase productivity by sharing my firsthand knowledge as both a therapist in the field and business owner.

As a spa business owner with a background in marketing, I consult with fellow spa business owners on their current marketing strategies and look for areas of opportunity to maximize exposure and expand their reach. With my knowledge and experience in graphic design and advertising I help rebrand their overall image, logo, and treatment menus to emerge from the competition and offer unique customized experiences that drive profits.

Following me into this foray of The Massage Millionaire are my curated team of experts in spa business, spa education, project management, marketing and new project design.   With their knowledge and background in the spa industry and education, these experts bring to the table solutions for every business and independent therapists to not only succeed but thrive in their careers.